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IDS and IPS for Security

What Are Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention? It is the process of examining and monitoring the events coming and going


Securing the network and data roaming in that network does not always come with strongly encrypted algorithms and blocking some

Patch Management

Vulnerabilities in systems and applications need to be fixed, for which we come up with patches and fixes. If anyone

Can Macs Get Viruses?

But Mac viruses are on the rise every year, as hackers are increasingly casting a wider net and developing malware

Physical Security

Physical Penetration testing is the new branch of cybersecurity where the physical security is measured, and its existing strength in

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Buffer Overflow

One of the most popular and common bugs that can crash a system or make it hang is the popular

Malware and Virus Protection

Security of a system, network, or an entire organization does not always encrypt the data during transmission from source to

What Is a Computer Worm?

Whereas viruses need to borrow your computer’s programming or code in order to execute and replicate themselves, worms are self-contained.

Ports and Its Security

Ports are another essential asset through which security can be breached. In computer science, ports are of two types –

Data Leak Prevention

Data is the most precious asset for any organization. Data can be of various types, and different types of data

Wireless Security

Like the system’s security and data security, keeping a sound knowledge about different wireless security measures is also essential for

Elements of Security

In general, in the form of computer security, we can understand that it is all about detecting and preventing external

Mobile Phone Security

The mobile phone has become so powerful that it has all the computer capabilities but in a small and compact

Cyber Security

The trending world is full of modern technologies and gadgets. But their security is a primary concern because; cybercrime is

Data Backup

Security does not always mean taking defensive actions against cyber threats or use technical tools and techniques that will detect