Where can I find Loaner Computer Equipment to Check Out on Campus (Laptops, Chargers)?

Where can I find Loaner Computer Equipment to Check Out on Campus (Laptops, Chargers)?


All faculty, staff and students with a UNCW OneCard may check out computer equipment from the TAC Walk-in Center in Randall Library.

Equipment Available for Check-out:

  • Items are available for a 24-hour check-out and can be renewed online (twice) from your library account. To access your library account:
    1. Go to library.uncw.edu.
    2. Click on “My Account.”
    3. Log in with your UNCW username and password. 
  • Damage or failure to return equipment within this 24-hour time frame may result in late fees and/or equipment replacement costs. 
  • If the library is closed at the time of your due time/date, it will automatically renew for the next time the library is open. 


Power Banks: 

TAC offers portable power banks that allow you to charge your device without needing to find an outlet. The power bank has two USB ports and an AC outlet to charge laptops, cameras, phones and more. This will allow you to charge your device anywhere on campus, even outside. You will just need your device charger. Wireless phone charging is also supported. 

TAC’s power banks also support wireless charging on a variety of Android and iPhone (8 and newer) devices. Place your phone on the side of the power bank with the TAC sticker. You may have to adjust the angle of the phone until it begins charging. Wireless charging will be slower than wired charging.

If you need further assistance, please submit a service request or CHAT with TAC


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