How do I Surplus a UNCW-Owned Computer or Device?

How do I Surplus a UNCW-Owned Computer or Device?


How do I surplus a UNCW-owned computer or device?


All faculty and staff have the ability to surplus a UNCW-owned computer or device with approval.

*Please note: UNCW-owned computers and devices are property of the state. The only way to properly dispose of them is to send them to Surplus. You cannot give them away, throw them away, keep them or sell them.

Additionally, please check with your building’s Computer Consultant before sending a computer or device to Surplus. There may be an area on campus that could use it. 

  1. Log in to
  2. Select the “Administrative Services” tab.
  3. Select “Computer Transfers,” within the “IT Services” section.
  4. Select “Submit a Computer Transfer Request.”
  5. Enter information for the device you wish to surplus in the “Transfer Equipment Section.”  Be sure to enter the Serial Number or Service Tag without spaces, and, if the equipment has an FAS Number, provide that as well. If there is no FAS number, please re-enter the Serial Number or Service Tag.
  6. Enter the current custodian information in the “Transfer From” section.
  7. When asked “Is this request for Surplus?” answer “yes.”
  8. Enter the location and a contact number in the “comments” section.
  9. In the “Approvals” section, select the “Releasing Approver” if you are not in Business Affairs. Since Surplus is part of Business Affairs, the Releasing Approver is not needed if you are part of Business Affairs. The Releasing Approver is the current custodian’s Department Head or Budget Authority.
  10. Click “Submit Transfer Request.”

*Please note: Surplus will pick up the device from the location entered under the “Transfer From” section.

If you need further assistance, submit a service request or CHAT with TAC.


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