New Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W Has an Easter Egg


The Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W has just been announced to the world and its secrets are slowly spilling out. Intrepid Raspberry Pi hacker Jeff Geerling broke out his X-ray machine and discovered a secret hidden from view, a raspberry buried deep within the latest board. (Image credit: Jeff Geerling) The $15 Raspberry Pi Zero […]

Intel Ups Aurora’s Performance to 2 ExaFLOPS, Engages in ZettaFLOPS Race


Argonne National Laboratory’s Aurora was meant to be the first supercomputer with sustainable performance of over 1 ExaFLOPS in Linpack benchmark, but after being delayed this left the title to the Frontier supercomputer. However, Aurora will be the industry’s first 2 ExaFLOPS supercomputer thanks to higher-than-expected performance of Intel’s Ponte Vecchio compute GPU, the company said. […]

LG posts highest revenue to date in Q3 from strong home electronics demand


LG Electronics said on Thursday it posted almost 19 trillion won in revenue and 540.7 billion won in operating profit during the third quarter this year. Revenue jumped 22% from a year prior while operating profit dipped 49.6% over the same time period. The South Korean electronics maker credited strong sales of its home appliances […]

How to Overclock A Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W


With its quad-core processor, the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W already brings a massive performance boost over the older, single-core Raspberry Pi Zero and Zero W. But there’s free, extra performance buried inside your Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W if you’re willing to overclock it? Overclocking any model of Raspberry Pi is a simple task. […]

Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W Review: The Long Awaited Sequel


I remember my first Raspberry Pi Zero, from the cover of The MagPi which I bought at Paddington train station, the day before the official launch. That was 2015 and the single core 1-GHz CPU with 512MB RAM was enough for basic tasks. For $5, we all fell in love with the smallest and cheapest […]

Samsung records strong Q3 propelled by chips


Samsung Electronics on Thursday said it recorded 74 trillion won in sales and 15.8 trillion won in operating income during the third quarter. It is an increase of 10.4% and 28%, respectively, from the same period last year. The operating income figure is Samsung’s second-best to date, with the company crediting favourable market conditions in […]

Nvidia faces European Commission in-depth investigation on Arm purchase


Images: NVIDIA The European Commission announced on Wednesday it has opened an in-depth investigation into the $40 billion purchase of Arm by Nvidia. The commission said it was concerned that Nvidia would restrict access to Arm IP, and would lead to higher prices and lessened competition, following its initial investigation. It added that Nvidia has […]

Best early Black Friday tech deals: Phones, laptops, smartwatches, more


Black Friday traditionally falls on the day after Thanksgiving, but this year, retailers nationwide are turning every day into November 26th. With massive global supply chain issues continuing to persist, you can find deals on the latest and greatest tech products marked down to Black Friday-low prices starting right now. There will be more promotions […]

Netgear cuts Q4 outlook amid supply chain woes, weak consumer demand


Netgear is seeing stronger demand from small businesses, but consumer demand has slowed, and supply chain woes will hit fourth quarter sales. The networking company reported third quarter revenue of $290.2 million, down 23.3% from a year ago when workers upgraded remote office and Wi-Fi infrastructure en masse. The company reported third quarter earnings of […]