What is Computer System? Uses and Applications of Computer


Definition: Computer is a programmable electronic device or machine that helps to processes, calculations and operations totally depended on the instructions which are given by users. Computer system is capable to fetch data through input devices, process it, and then finally display output on the output devices. Now these days, advanced computers are built for […]

Block Diagram of Computer with its Components & Functions


Hi, friends! In this article, we will explain the block diagram of computer. A block diagram of computer displays the internal structure of the computer, as we as the block diagram provides the quick overview of internal working work flow of computer system from inserting data to retrieving the desired output. Computer system works with […]

Functions of Computer with Diagram – Digital Thinker Help


Computer system is most imaginary machine that manages the many different types of instructions which are given by user; finally produce the accurate output for user. Computer is able to perform all types of simple and complex operations. In this section, we will explain all basic functions of computer system; like as – Input or […]

Input Devices of Computer: Types, Examples, Functions, Uses


Definition: An input device is a special type of peripheral device that allows making communication along with processing unit of the computer system. Computer’s input devices are mostly to be used for recognized the input data that are provided by users for solving their problems. Input data has many variants like as text, images, audio, […]

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